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Smart Bluetooth GPS Tracker

Smart Bluetooth GPS Tracker

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The Smart Bluetooth GPS Tracker that works with Apple Find My App

Never lose track of your belongings again with The Smart Tracker. Designed to integrate with the Apple Find My app seamlessly, this compact device ensures you can quickly locate your items whenever needed.

Simple Setup: Get started quickly by removing the insulating battery cover, pressing the button once to activate it, and following the app instructions. Connect, set icons, and customize names for effortless item tracking.

Bluetooth Connectivity: Utilize Bluetooth technology for proximity finding, allowing you to locate your belongings quickly. The Smart Tracker works seamlessly with the Apple Find My app, providing real-time tracking and alerts.

Reverse Positioning: Use The Smart Tracker to locate your iPhones or iPads when you misplace them. Save time searching for your Apple devices again. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you can easily find them using the tracker.

Built-in Speaker: Easily locate your items with the built-in speaker. Emitting a sound guides you to their whereabouts, even in hard-to-see or hidden locations.

Compact Design: The Smart Tracker is lightweight and portable, with dimensions of 36367.8 mm and weighing only 11g. Attach it to your keys, wallet, or other valuables, and carry it wherever you go.

Upgrade your item tracking experience with The Smart Tracker. Enjoy the convenience of the Apple Find My app integration and effortlessly locate your belongings whenever and wherever you need them. Stay organized, save time, and eliminate the stress of misplaced items with this essential tracking solution.


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